Australian Made OCEANCRAFT Hecho en Caloundra Made in Australia Specified Designed and Manufactured in Australia

Australian Made OCEANCRAFT Hecho en Caloundra Made in Australia Specified Designed and Manufactured in Australia
Australian Boating Magazibe July 2017
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Australian Boating
*MPV= Multi Purpose Vessel, and that's exactly what this
exceptional cylinder craft is all about. It is (in this case) a dive
boat firstly, as well as a very sophisticated fishing craft, a
remote country explorer and a family 'hack' when tubing,
BBQs, warm sand, cool water and lots of sunshine combine.
And it just happens to be one of the 'softest' 6.0m cats. Ever.
As well as being the best in class for safety and extreme,
rough water conditions. PW has this special report
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Australian Boating
Long-term readers will remember F&B had a
2.8 m Oceancraft as the primary fishing
platform with the big 7.6 metre expedition
. This was our first real experience of Mike Jessop’s
Oceancraft design, build and general philosophy, and
to say it was eye-opening, could be the
understatement of the decade. The dory, such a little
thing in real terms it lived in the cockpit of
Far- Away,
was inch by inch the most seaworthy, safest
and most stable 2.8 m deep-vee fishing dory (or ‘tinny’
if you will) we have ever known – before or since.
Indeed, we practically lived in the 2.8m Oceancraft
when we were up north, as Far-Away was the
mothership, anchored securely, and blissfully free of
scales, fish gunk – and their associated smells.
Interestingly, although it has just become a trendy
new development, we were running the dory’s Minn
Kota trolling motor wholly off its special solar power
panel (over the Honda outboard) back then.
So we have been Oceancraft enthusiasts for some
time, and more than most, I guess, understand why
Mike Jessop is so passionate about his craft (pun
intended). As an expert diver, Mike has fully worked
his boats in a weird and wonderful variety of
situations and seen them come through with flying
colours. Similarly he’s stayed in contact with many
buyers who have purchased Oceancraft for remote
expedition adventures, and again, shared the
satisfaction and enthusiasm these owners have had
for his Oceancraft.
The Six Metre Oceancraft MPV
Mike will be a bit annoyed at me calling this
“MPV” when in fact it’s called the 6.0 m Caloundra
class Oceancraft – but that doesn’t really put it out
there for what this Oceancraft is all about.
This is an extraordinary, multi-purpose vessel. With
a 30° deep-vee hull bottom supported by two massive
side cylinders, it does give authenticity to Mike’s
claim the Oceancraft is like a trimaran at rest, and an
incredibly deeply-veed mono ‘soft rider’ underway.
Of course, no other mono could carry a 30° bottom
unless it had the two big cylinders to support it when
it came down off the plane – presuming of course, it
could ever get on the plane with such a deeply veed
hull shape.
Have no doubts about this – the side buoyancy
chambers are not just there for stability – they form
an integral part of the boat’s hydrodynamics –
especially taking off and coming down off plane.
With a hull weight of 750 over a longish
waterline length, and cylinder buoyancy when taking
off or carrying a load, the Oceancraft planes easily,
and runs very efficiently in terms of power –
especially so considering the hull shape. But make no
mistake about this; the Oceancraft is not an
experimental rig by any means.
Hundreds of cylinder craft have now been built by
several manufacturers in Australia and New Zealand.
The results are in, and in this case, Mike Jessop has
the runs on the board and a better understanding of how these craft work than almost anybody else on
the planet. Again, in defence of my description of this
Oceancraft as being a true "MPV" I truly believe that
what makes this boat so special is the pragmatism
involved. As a dive boat it's first-class – rated for up to 10 people. As a fishing boat it can truly go
anywhere, and in virtually any conditions
whatsoever, and remain as safe as a bank – well,
perhaps safer than a bank given that most people
worry about banks these days, don't they?
The point is this: whether it's for fishing, diving,
exploring remote country, or take the kids up the
river for a morning pulling tubes, there is probably

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no safer rig for the family, no better boat for the diver
clonking in, out and around the boat with their lead
belts, scuba tanks and all the accoutrements of a dive
trip – and for the fisherman? He gets the softest
riding 6.0 m plate alloy in the business with a 'go
anywhere' capacity like no other.
It's rated for outboards to 170hp, but it rarely needs
this much unless it's carrying divers, but I can see
140-150s being a very good fit.
Obviously, Oceancraft are not for everybody, but
on the other hand, it occupies a niche where it is head
and shoulders above all other pretenders in this class
– and it has to be said, especially the soft inflatables.
As Jessop likes to point out, why would anyone pay
thousands and thousands of dollars for an inflatable
made of soft, rubberised fabrics, which has to be
replaced more often than the promoters will admit,
given the fabric's susceptibility to work-failure in the
Australian sun – especially in the north – for any length of time.
He's got a point, and we can certainly vouch for the
veracity of Oceancraft's claims for their soft riding qualities, incredible stability, rugged, go anywhere
durability and the all-important question in the world
of pneumatic boating is its longevity.

For further information, please call
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