3 Metre Yacht Tender / Life Raft / Open Dive Boat A new design in small boats where every part of the deck and gunwale is useable - including the tubes.

According to OCEAN CRAFT several men can stand with confidence without compromising.

A 3M yacht tender / adventure safety boat. All aluminium throughout.

This new inflatable is an all purpose adventure safety boat, features include:

l Certifiable 'Built to survey' ;
l All round 'D' fenders ( option);
l Unique six function inboard running rail ( option or grab rope) for complete security and for holding on when you hit the top of a wave whilst planing;
l Internal fuel line conduit (option) ;
l Six seater inboard triple bench rail ( standard);
l Tow harness and davvit / hoist docking / helicopter hoist points/ Running rail hoist / external carry handle ( option) ;
l Lightweight 67KG;
l Optional fuel tank retainer and fordeck lockers;
l Lower 'V' deck and for'ard buoyancy section can be filled with ballast ( sea water) in case of high winds and heavy seas;
l Patented sponson valve for each buoyancy section and self bailing deck with positive screw in bung;
l Rescue emergency liferaft certifiable and 'built to survey' as standard;
l High bow rails for for'ard windbreak and gunwale;
l Constructed and welded to aircraft safety standards using state of the art MIG and TIG pulse welding techniques
l 'Double skinned vessel construction for maximum safety and security.

For more information call MIKE JESSOP on: 0416 293 686 or email: mike[ AT ]oceancraft.com.au

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