THE OCEAN CRAFT - the safest boat ever built - is GUARANTEED NEVER TO SINK.

Previous designs of the boat meant that reserve buoyancy tubes could fill up with water without any indication underway until the boat came to rest and without warning to the occupants, sometimes with disastrous consequences.

Short of mechanical destruction by explosion, fire, or impact the boat is impossible to sink - guaranteed.

Now such a boat as the OCEAN CRAFT can be moored with confidence knowing that air expansion and contraction will not eventually suck in enough water through drainage bungs for the boat to sink.

All OCEAN CRAFT are closed cell foam filled as standard unless otherwise requested.


| Closed cell Foam filled as standard

| All aluminium construction and utility diagnostic disclosing valve ( patented) for a pressurisable hull;

| Hull guaranteed never to sink for the life of the boat ( foamed versions), scheduled maintenance conditions apply to unfoamed options;

| Lightweight 2 metre 45KG CORACLER / yacht tender version all weather - capability will withstand any sea even cyclonic - guaranteed - ideal for life boat, yacht tender, life raft applications;

| Computer generated designs for 2M, 3M, 4M, 5M, 6M, 7M, right up to 18 metre options and to order;

| 80 percent - 100 percent reserve buoyancy at any given time;

| Maximum safety and stability on the water means maximum useable deck area - even the gunnel is useable for standing;

| Multi - function patented utility diagnostic / disclosing valve to check integrity of hull at time of manufacture and for safety alert and problem determination;

| Integrity of hull can be tested during scheduled maintenance by pressurising hull by connecting to an ordinary foot pump with guage as part of routine preventitive maintenance ( unfoamed versions) in use;

| Pressure guage connected to valve indicating loss of pressure or incapacity to pressurise hull alerting occupants that buoyancy section has been breached ( unfoamed OCEAN CRAFT version);

| Schroder ( car tyre) valve operates in both directions that allows expansion and contraction of air inside the boat caused by differences in atmospheric pressure, sea and air temperature compared to temperature and pressure inside the tubes ( which means that air pressure equalisation is automatic) - unfoamed versions;

| Patented utility two way valve automates pressure equalisation when moored or in storage ( unfoamed version);

| Car tyre foot pump connected to valve acts as bilge pump to expel water below water line in which pressurisable hull patented valve acts as bilge pump in an emergency ( unfoamed version);

| Optionally certifiable to meet National Standard for Commecial Vessels NSCV ( also former Denorske Veritas DNV and Universal Shipping Laws USL) survey requirements;

| Optional pneumatic properties available to an all metallic hull for the first time;

| Fuel tank retainer

| Foredeck locker

| 2 metre - 3metre up to 18 metre standard versions;

| Optional fire retardant foam ( for naval and military and fire fighting applications);

| Optional disclosing purple die for determining damage owing to impact damage eg. run aground or collision damage and to reveal pinholes or cracks in hull due to metal fatigue;

| Optional inert Gas filled tubes ( unfoamed versions) eg Halon or Nitrogen or Carbon Dioxide;

| Optional Inboard jet ski pump for minimum draught so maximising accessibility and for Optimal navigability ( requires no external propeller);

| Ballasting of buoyancy sections according to load ( unfoamed version) allowing variable centre of gravity to boats hull;

| Optional impeller driven means environmenally friendly saving Dugongs, Turtles and other fish, and your outboard propeller

| Optional jet pump offers optimal centre of gravity in boat and obviates the need for outboard trim and tilt;

| Optional jet pump nozzle means there is no outboard engine steering arm to break;

| Certifiable in survey for commercial or as a safety boat;

| All round 'D' Fender | Yacht friendly bow. | Inboard bench seating to carrying capacity | Unique Internal deck Anchor fastening and external tow sampson post | Grab rails | Derrick / boom lift / helicopter hoist points | Foam filled hull guaranteed not to sink for the life of the boat | Two year hull warranty ( foam or no foam) | Bow and stern rails | Proven inflatable design - all aluminium construction

All standard features and options are in addition to the incredible stability and safety of the OCEAN CRAFT on the water.

Loading and unloading, fishing, casting and boarding can be performed safely and reliably from any part of the boat.

More deck area is available on a two or three metre OCEAN CRAFT than a comparable three or four metre conventional hull

Several people can stand on bow transom or either gunnel with confidence without capsizing the boat

Structural engineering tubular construction means maximum strength for minimum weight.

It's actually lighter than a rubber ducky, only stronger

Because your OCEAN CRAFT is made of lightweight aluminium the inherent Pneumatic strength and rigidity make this a unique and patented feature available in no other all metal boat craft.

Sponson or tubular chines means that there is maximum water throw down and dry as a bone ride and comfort in virtually all sea conditions.

Inherent pneumatic reduction in 'slam press' and metal fatigue means superior durability and reduction in wear and stress to the hull and greater comfort to the occupants underway.

Being foam filled, noise insulation is an inherent feature in OCEAN CRAFTs. The closed cell foam filled design means your boat won't sound like an empty fuel tank underway.

An italic 'M' shaped hull astern - with only the propeller or impeller intake in the water means that the OCEAN CRAFT rides on a cushion of air meaning unsurpasssed ride comfort when planing.

Your boat will plane with the minimum of drag virtually requiring to overcome wind resistance alone, for a ride and fuel economy that is unsurpassed.

Coupled with conventional deep 'V' bow ( 20 degree) the OCEAN CRAFT cuts through the water with a comfort and ride like no other.

Optional fuel tank retainer for maximum reserve fuel and extended operations.

Optional lockers for radio and safety equipment eg flares.

Means that whatever length and shape of boat you require, custom design lead time to delivery is minimal - typically one week once order has been received.

Accredited shipbuilder designed and built.

Means that these craft come with a two year warranty and optional certifiable in survey requirement giving you the confidence that these boats are the safest afloat - guaranteed.

A base boat of whatever length and width can be configured and ordered through your territory dealer

For further information call Mike Jessop on: 0416 293 686 or email: mike[ AT ]

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