Model Length Beam Width Weight Base Boat Tubular Gunnel Height Tubular Diameter Ultra Lightweight - UL / Heavy Duty - HD Work Load ( Tubular buoyancy) Open Boat displacement Incl. Additional Flat Deck Buoyancy + All Round Foam Fender for Yacht Tender People Max People Emergency Default Transom / Outboard Leg Height Option Short / Long / Ultra Long 15"/20"/25" 375mm/500mm/630mm Max HP Transom Rec. HP Max Engine Weight
Coral Craft - Yacht Tender Life Boat Snorkel Bug 2.6M 1.6M 60KG 500mm Spearo 444mm Diver UL 470KG 0.95T 0.95T +60Kg 5 9 L 30 9.8 50Kg
Spearo Craft - Heavy Duty 3.3M 1.9M 95KG 500mm Spearo 444mm Diver HD 1.18T 2.36T 2.36T +66Kg 8 12 L 30 18 120Kg
Car Topper - Ultra Lightweight 3.4M 1.6M 70KG 500mm Spearo 444mm Diver UL 790KG 1.58T 1.58T +68Kg 6 10 L 30 18 120Kg
OCEAN CRAFT 3800 HD 3.8M 1.9M 120KG 500mm Spearo 444mm Diver HD 1.36T 2.36T 2.54T +75Kg 10 17 L 30 18 120Kg
Yacht Tender - Ultra Lightweight 3.8M 1.6M 80KG 385mm Spearo 444mm Diver UL 870KG 1.7T 1.7T +75Kg 7 11 L 30 18 120Kg
Sea King - Ultra Lightweight 4.3M 1.9M 150KG 500mm Spearo 444mm Diver UL 940Kg 2.1T 2.1T +80Kg 9 11 L 30 30 120Kg
Sea King - Heavy Duty 4.3M 2.1M 170KG 500mm Spearo 444mm Diver HD 1.53T 2.7T 2.7T +80Kg 9 20 L 40 30 120Kg
Sea King - BEAMY Heavy Duty DIVER 4.4M 2.4M 220KG 500mm Spearo 444mm Diver HD 1.57T 3.1T 3.1T +80Kg 10 20 L 40 30 120Kg
Orpheus - Ultra Lightweight 4.6M 2.1M 170KG 500mm Spearo 450mm Diver UL/HD 1.26T 3.37T 3.37T +90Kg 9 11 L 60 30 150Kg
Orpheus - BEAMY Heavy Duty 4.6M 2.4M 240KG 500mm Spearo 450mm Diver HD 1.647T 3.5T 3.5T +90Kg 9 11 L 60 30 150Kg
Chinook - Reef Fishing Boat 5.2M 2.4M 210KG 525mm Diver 920mm Reef Fisher HD 1.86T 3.72T 3.72T +104Kg 12 19 L / UL 90 50 200Kg
Cruiser Extreme Party BBQ Boat 5.2M 2.4M 210KG 525mm Diver 920mm Reef Fisher HD 1.86T 3.72T 3.72T +104Kg 12 19 L / UL 90 50 200Kg
Caloundra Class Extreme Reef Fishing Boat 6M 2.4M 656Kg WTRF HO 525mm Diver 920mm Reef Fisher HD 2.1T 6.3T 6.3T +118Kg 15 28 L / UL 140 115 200Kg
Lonbow - Deep Interdiction Reef Fishing Boat 7.2M 2.4M 656KG EXRF HO 525mm Diver 920mm Reef Fisher HD 2.57T 7.7T 7.7T +144Kg 18 33 L / UL 175 140 250Kg
Sea Wolf - Extreme Reef Fishing Boat 8M 2.4M 1.2T WTRF HULL TWIN MOT 525mm Diver 920mm Reef Fisher HD 2859KG 9.1T 9.1T +166Kg 28 56 L / UL 225 150 300Kg
OCEAN CRAFT 9000 Lynx 9M Nine Metre / Thirty Feet 9M / 30' 2.4M KG 525mm Diver 920mm Reef Fisher HD KG T T +Kg Kg
OCEAN CRAFT 10000 Black Hawk 10M Ten Metre / Thirty Three Feet 10M / 33' 2.4M 525mm Diver 920mm Reef Fisher HD
OCEAN CRAFT 11000 Cougar 11M Eleven Metre / Thirty Six Feet 11M / 36' 2.4M
OCEAN CRAFT 12000 Puma 12M Twelve Metre / Forty Feet 12M / 40' 2.4M
OCEAN CRAFT 13000 MI-26 13M Thirteen Metre / Forty Three Feet 13M / 43' 2.4M

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No warranties express or implied in this summary. Owing to our committment to continuing improvement of design and manufacture OCEAN CRAFT reserve the right to change specification of hulls without notice.

All 2012 models available ULTRA DEEP VEE

Please Note OCEAN CRAFT DEEP VEE and ULTRA DEEP VEE models may require different transom height and consequently increased outboard motor leg height from Long 20" 500mm to Ultra/Extra Long 25" 630mm. Available horsepower will be determined by the power to weight and consumer choice KiloWatt / Horse Power available for these shaft heights from the outboard manufacturers

Generally Deep vee hulls are Long shaft / Ultra deep vee hulls take an ultra long Transom Height Option Please talk to your sales engineer to specify Short / Long / Ultra Long 15" 20" 25" 375mm 500mm 630mm when ordering

Above weights are a guide only applicable to base boats ie hull tubes and transom and may vary according to options eg Spearo DIVER Reef Fisher

Maximum kilowatt / horsepower and engine weight transom may be re-inforced and upgraded as an option eg for twin engines and according to the neeed for speed

Generally ultra lightweight refers to airtight watertight 385mm diameter tube for Davit Lifting and Car topping Hoisting roof rack

Heavy Duty is the 477mm diameter tube for trailerable craft

Closed cell foam filled for maximum numbers for Survey Charter / Hire / Workboat according to current boat building regulations and maximum marine safety is required

For Closed cell foam filled hull option hull please add 35Kg in weight approx per cubic metre ( Tonne) of reserve buoyancy survey approved foam inside the tubes

The 'People' numbers quoted are a guide for recreational use only. Please refer to Hull Identification Number Plate for actual permitted use according to the options fitted A reduction in the number of passengers may have to be made according to smooth partially smooth open waters and sea state weather conditions and whether for Charter, for hire or as a workboat according to the State Government Regulations in force.

Numbers quoted are only a guide; Above six metres in length when applying for Naval Architect Design Approval and survey the permitted level of use will be determined by the floatation and stability survey of the boat to be carried out by a qualified marine surveyor according to the category, nature and type of use and type of equipment to be carried

No responsibility is accepted by OCEAN CRAFT for variations in the permitted use governed by federal, state, municipal or other regulations and restrictions in force beyond due diligence and workmanship and materials to build the boat according to the Naval Architect approved design according to the Marine Code so accepted by the appropriate Marine Authority eg Queensland Transport.

Please note regarding Survey capacity - Because of the inherent stability and inbuilt positive reserve buoyancy of the tubes of these boats which are airtight and watertight and pressure tested, the carrying capacity for Survey is generally limited only by the available deck space.

Liferafts are not generally required on Surveyed boats with positive floatation please see above.

DISPLacement means the whole boat including enclosed tube volume, the unenclosed above deck volume of the boat and the enclosed volume below the deck between the deck and the hull if fitted or when airtight buoyancy section DIVER and REEF FISHER option are selected at time of ordering - flat deck buoyancy section may be retrofitted

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