...our hot new little cylinder boat from OCEAN CRAFT... will attract alot of attention...


Betcha haven't seen anything quite like this ... It is a 3.4 cylinder platey being made for the f&b team - see details pages 67 - 68 Fisherman and Boatowner April 2005


...we now have the world's most deeply vee'd, 3.4 m platey with a formal rating for outboards to 40HP ...but still only weighs approximately 75 kg...

...we've got massive reserves of buoyancy from the cylinders ...with that amazing deep vee bottom, we ... get a very, very soft ride...


...there is no doubt about the OCEAN CRAFT's sea worthiness - with 5 watertight compartments, it is one of the best survival platforms or life rafts you could invest money into, and in terms of its fundamental seaworthiness, I doubt there is a more seaworthy 3.4 metre boat made in Australia

The dive community ...wanted a rugged, strong little boat they could manhandle down a cliff face ( if necessary) to give them access to the tempting, clear vis waters beyond the foreshore. Diving completed, they could then bring the boat back to the beach, manhandle it up the cliff or beach to the car, and put it on the roof. ..the dive community don't want boat trailers and all that stuff..

we are closing in on our objective to develop a light, efficient, safe seaworthy and extremely stable sportfishing craft that is just 3.4 m overall
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