Trailerboat Fisherman Jan / Feb 2001 Ocean Craft

With the shape of a rigid-bottom inflatable the Ocean Craft is a super stable tinnie that will have tremendous appeal to family boaters. Available in several sizes from three metres (shown), to five the Ocean is the latest in a growing range of tinnies taking their cue from rubber duckies.

While not specifically geared to fishing the Ocean Craft could be easily adapted. Scuba diving and yacht tending would also be other obvious applications for this Queensland built range.

The Ocean Craft offers separate buoyancy sections to keep it afloat even if totally flooded. It also has a wrap-around white 'D' Fender and square nose bow to make it ideal for mooring alongside other craft. The wide bow will also make it very suitable for fly and lure-cast fishing.

Features include an internal safety line, fuel line conduit and inboard seating. The boat also comes with a tow harness and davit hoisting points. At 67kg the three-metre model is very suitable for car-topping. However, it has all the classy features of the bigger models including optional fuel tank retainer.

If you want absolute rock-solid stability, just add water! You simply pull out the bungs of the centre Vee bottom compartment and it fills with water. The boat sinks a bit lower in the water and becomes super stable.

Further information from Ocean Craft phone 0416 293 686.

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