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  • Owner: Dave Baker
  • Period: 3 years of ownership
  • Location: Tweed Heads
  • Usage: Spear fishing & Fun times

    G'day Mike
    I'm writing this letter so prospective buyers of this model can get a no bullshit true account of how I have found the 3.3 Spearo's boat. Firstly I would have to say when I originally purchased the 3.3, I drove away happy with my purchase.

    Happy because the person who sold me the boat also designed the boat and this was important to me as all of my questions and dealings were dealt with by Mike himself.

    The lifetime unsinkable warranty and the knowledge that when I drove off I had myself one safe tough little boat; this is a huge consideration in any small craft. I may have only the 3.3 Ocean Craft at the back of my car, but I left the factory feeling part of the Ocean Craft family totally satisfied with my purchase and package.

    The motor,

    I personally like to get to where I'am going quickly and with a 30 hp Tohatsu bolted on the back you can expect 40 klm hr with two average blokes and spear gear.

    This motor with 20ltrs of fuel would get me down to Hastings Point and back or out to Nine Mile and back with a decent reserve of juice.

    The Boat,

    To be completely honest I attached a piece of rope to the front to hang onto, like the clubbies do in their rubber ducks. They also benefit from foot straps and super fit bodies; I on the other hand suffered from the need for speed and long distances covered to get to my dive spots.

    I found sitting on the tube hanging onto the tiller for long periods of driving caned my back, not so much from the ride but the position.

    I found these long cushions at Bunning's, and had a slip on tiller extension made up and this made a huge difference. As I could sit steer up front and stretch a bit. I also had a removable roof made up for shade so my girlfriend wouldn't get cooked while I dived.

    One day while heading upstream towards Chinderah we encountered mad chop as we used to call it,

    We were pretty good at driving the boat having owned it for a year and the chop was both exciting and back busting but we always kept going until the sitting position slowed us till smoother water.

    This particular day it was particularly choppy and my new roof was creaking and not coping with the on the plane speed required to take on the mad 1 mtr chop. Fearing the roof frame would crack and lift off due to the wind and waves we slowed to tighten the hand screws holding the frame to the boat. No good we would have to stand up and hold onto the frame and drive.

    Ocean Craft

    I immediately felt what it must have been like when apes stood up for the first time.

    Our little Ocean Craft was now a completely different boat I had found the missing link.

    After some reinforcing of the roof frame and a cross bar to hold onto added, the ride was just unbelievable.

    For a while every time it blew up we were out there and every time we came back with ear to ear grins.

    My little Ocean Craft has since proved to be a most capable and forgiving little ship.

    On the ocean, it does not matter if the seas are one meter and all over the shop the hull just goes straight over & through anything, at speed it feels safe and you can feel the properties which make ocean craft superior as it transmits all of its advanced sea keeping properties to you the skipper.

    Also it is great fun and gives one the feeling of a much bigger boat as it negotiates ocean swell with confidence for such a little boat.

    I can only dream how good a 6 mtr Ocean Craft would be in open ocean large swells and the potential to safely go around Australia the long way

    You will be glad you bought an Ocean Craft

    Corny or not I will tell you one time after a long run down to Hastings Point on our return to Tweed the bar was in full run out at about one & a half metres of east swell, we came around and made our approach from the north, as we were about to enter the walls a jet ski with a long tow rope towing another jet ski was blocking our run in.

    Stuck in the hangman's noose on a run out tide with large pressure waves in front and breakers to the rear it was a serious situation, the jet ski rider was taking to long to pull away and we had no choice but to maintain position or crash into the ski being towed.

    A large swell combined with the pressure waves nudged us inside the walls we were now half throttle going nowhere as the pressure waves combined with the run out tide put us in an extremely vulnerable and dangerous predicament.

    Now I had never been in such an imminent position of being swamped rolled and pooped.

    A larger ocean swell topped up a receding pressure wave and as we looked behind us I had no choice but to go full throttle to try to beat this wave before it beat us up.

    Hang on was the only words said as we surfed down this wave it just kept getting bigger as the pressure waves built on each other.

    To be honest I thought the back of my 3.3 was going to come arse over head and we were fucked.

    You could see the base of the wave and the big tubes of my Ocean Craft and I thought even if we get to the bottom of this we would get steamrolled and pooped.

    The moment every boater dreads is when you will be glad you chose an Ocean Craft.

    What I thought was the end was the beginning of my full respect for these boats; the little 3.3 not only made it down that wave but lost no momentum in the arc of the wave to pull away smoothly and without any fuss to meet with cheering onlookers from the rock walls and thankyous from the Jet Ski rider.

    I know without any doubt that a conventional boat would have speared into the bottom and the outcome would have been carnage. I can tell you as an owner of one of these boats you will be glad you bought an Ocean Craft.

    Spearo's benefits

    Easy to own & live with, with the roof removed on end I can park it in a standard garage.

    Easy to get in and out of by yourself

    Economical and fast and apart from flushing your motor and a quick spray down of the boat you can go about rinsing your dive gear and sorting your fish, a huge save in energy for a tired spearo.

    Perfect no fuss boat for one or two Spearo's and their gear.

    Easy to launch and retrieve.

    No more punctures and air leaks that always happen with inflatables.

    Summing up

    The 3.3 Spearo's boat is a true low maintenance high performance purpose built craft.

    With the stand up modifications you will immediately enjoy the technology and design benefits this model has to offer.

    After a day of shooting fish in places that others have forked out big money for large conventional boats to do the same, and when you easily pull yourself in and they struggle to get onboard theirs, you will most likely beat them back to the ramp have your boat hauled out cleaned your fish and high fives all round, when they are just pulling up, you will see the need for a big boat is unnecessary if you just spear the local reefs and bommies.

    Push it push it

    I do not suggest you put yourself in dangerous situations or overestimate your ability as a skipper, what I do know is you will be surprised what your Ocean Craft can do and how forgiving they are when you do find yourself in a survival situation.

    The 3.3 Spearo's model has served me beyond expectation saved my life and given me some of the best times in my life.

    Thanks Mike I hope many prospective clients see the light.

    David Baker.
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