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Ocean Craft 8200 Sea Wolf 8.2 Metre Reef Fisher ULTRA DEEP VEE

OCEAN CRAFT 8200 Longbow 8.2 Charter Dive Boat in 2c/2d Survey 15 Nautical Miles sea trial demonstration acceptance test YOUTUBE

OCEAN CRAFT AUSMARINE Article December 2012

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AUSMARINE December 2012 Page. 23

'8200 Longbow'

Phenomenal buoyancy, stability and strength from Ocean Craft's new reef fisher/dive boat

Queensland-based Ocean Craft has recently launched the 'Ocean Craft 8200 longbow'-series monohull reef fisher.

Constructed entirely of plate aluminium and built to Australia-wide 2c/2d survey for 10 + 2 crew, this multifunctional vessel boasts robust versatility, handily capable of operations as a work boat, water taxi or dive charter boat.

“The outstanding aspect of this vessel is that it is entirely aluminium, yet features inflatable-vessel characteristics”, says Ocean Craft designer Mike Jessop.

“The craft is closed cell foam filled with survey foam all throughout the tubes and under the deck. It is airtight, watertight and virtually unsinkable.”

The vessel measures 8.2 metres in length, with a beam of 2.4 metres and shallow 0.4 metre draught. Powered by twin TOHATSU outboard engines, each rated for 104kw, the vessel features a capacity of 4.0 tonnes, a maximum speed of 36 knots and a cruising speed of 21 knots.

Particular attention to detail has been paid to the vessel's ultra deep-V hull, with the structural interior comprising pneumatic shock-absorbing, airtight and watertight buoyancy chambers ensuring stability. An all-round “D” fender, meanwhile, provides impact protection to the exterior.

According to Ocean Craft, the vessel's hydrodynamic hull produces a “hovercraft like” wake at speed, whilst pneumatic properties ensure a “whisper-quiet” ride and the posi-lift bow and twin planing strakes ease the vessel up onto the plane swiftly.

Due to the depth of the V-hull combined with the pontoon-like buoyancy chambers, the vessel possesses trimaran-esque stability while at rest. When up on the plane, these pontoons then function like a pair of outriggers.

On board, a forward centre 'Autopilot' console is installed, with the option for a hardtop cabin available beneath the 4.5 metre Bimini canopy. The vessel is self-draining, and features an electric winch, stern grab rails, Herringbone swim/dive ladder, triple engine maxi pod and Ocean Craft's patented bow roller. For recreational dive charter operations, a Sea Wolf Sports 20 dive bottle rack can also be installed on deck.

A true all-purpose aluminium adventure craft, Ocean Craft also supply a custom “easy launch and load” trailer for the complete package.

For further information contact:
Ocean Craft, Queensland.

Email: sales[AT]oceancraft.com.au
Web: www.oceancraft.com.au
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'Ocean Craft 8200 Longbow'



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