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Q. Is it true OCEAN CRAFT Give you what you paid for your OCEAN CRAFT hull when you upgrade or downgrade in the future
A. Yes We'll give you what you paid for your old OCEAN CRAFT hull trade in policy UPGRADE TRADE IN POLICY
No questions asked RESALE PRICE MAINTENANCE of a very different kind when you come to upgrade your old OCEAN CRAFT to a different hull we will give you what you paid for your old OCEAN CRAFT hull and knock it off the price of your new OCEAN CRAFT* how's that for resale value - free use of a boat until you upgrade to a newer / bigger / better one and We guarantee you'll never go back to any other kind of hull.

Q. Is it true OCEAN CRAFT guarantee that Your OCEAN CRAFT will Overtake any other boat with same size outboard
A. In our experience Yes and broadly speaking your OCEAN CRAFT will Overtake any other boat with same size outboard

Q. Is it true OCEAN CRAFT come with a 5 - year structural warranty extendable to 7 on all recreational hulls only
A. Yes because of the triangulation running the length of your OCEAN CRAFT and the structural engineering tube running round the outside your OCEAN CRAFT is the strongest production hull to withstand any sea bar none

Q. Is it true OCEAN CRAFT come with a guarantee never to sink lifetime warranty - or your money back* All hulls
A. Yes provided you do the checks on the individual buoyancy sections just listen for a small inrush or outrush of air ( please see manual) of your OCEAN CRAFT you're having a bad day if you loose all of these at the same time!?

Q. Is an OCEAN CRAFT a trimaran or an outrigger or a monohull or an inflatable boat
A. Yes Your OCEAN CRAFT is a Trimaran at rest, an Outrigger when turning in either direction, and has the Deepest Vee planing monohull of any production monohull in the world and looks like and remains an inflatable boat with actual pneumatic properties unique in an all aluminium plate alloy metallic hull like no other

A. because from the moment you are making way ( moving forward) all the energy from the wake is recycled meaning your OCEAN CRAFT has got nowhere else to go but up

Q. How does this guarantee or improve performance and top speed and fuel economy
A. As well as deliver a super smooth ride and Performance Fuel economy Your OCEAN CRAFT has a Low Friction profile meaning that not just when planing your OCEAN CRAFT lifts out of the water before it starts planing so reducing friction on the hull before it begins to plane It is a three stage process just like a hovercraft first it lifts the boat out of the water disengaging the tubes (or sponsons ) from the water so reducing hull friction then it lifts the entire mono hull out of the water so that only the heel of the boat and or the propeller is in the water. The hull is high out of the water higher than any other kind of hull ( eg a cathedral and or catamaran ) completely reducing friction by half in fact the air passing under the boat and tubes lifts it even higher so in fact it is a three stage process.

This applies to towing the boat as well so you will notice fuel economy not just when driving in the ocean but or because the hull is lighter but also because the air literally lifts the boat on the trailer eg when going up hill!?

So with all the advantages of a trimaran Catamaran and outrigger your OCEAN CRAFT has at least one half or one third of the hull friction of these other kinds of boat and has the deepest vee monohull at 30 degrees deadrise of a production monohull in the world almost the full length of the boat These are standard features on every OCEAN CRAFT

Q. What is a Wake Surfer Eco Hull *
A. By your OCEAN CRAFT surfing its own wake ALL the energy from the wake is recycled lifting the boat high out of the water delivering a super smooth ride this is not just from the shock noise and vibration absorbing pneumatic hull but through aerated water under the hull as well

Q. What is an OCEAN CRAFT Patented Neutri Valve
A. The OCEAN CRAFT Patened and Trade Marked Dual pneumatic neutri valve internal and external ambient Pressure equalisation absorbs shock noise and vibration inflatable style properties unique in an all aluminium plate alloy hull without extremely high or extremely low ambient pressures inside the hull

Introducing the OCEAN CRAFT Patented latest 2016 Production dual pneumatic neutri valve internal and external ambient Pressure equalisation to cancel excess positive pressure AND vacuum negative pressure inside the hull and still retain pneumatic properties absorbing shock noise and vibration

Q. Is it true that OCEAN CRAFT have an airtight watertight buoyancy section under the deck
A. Yes especially in the larger boats above 5.2 metres these are available in 4.3 metres in length and below these are called DIVERS

Q. Can you order OCEAN CRAFT without airtight watertight under deck buoyancy sections
A. Yes especially the cruiser versions but the SPEARO ( Spearfishing) boats can be ordered without flat deck buoyancy sections as well where the hull is the deck and where there is not such a requirement to stand up in the boat as in sport reel fishing boats eg when casting like other OCEAN CRAFT the centre of gravity is also lower in the boats so providing extra storage and stability inside the smaller boats - proof if proof were needed that OCEAN CRAFT are the safest and strongest boats ever built guaranteed

Q. Is it true that every OCEAN CRAFT have an above waterline self draining deck
A. Yes in the larger Heavy Duty ( larger sponson) hulls 4.3 and 5.2 metres and above we have widened the deck bringing it up higher in the hull towards the tubes ( or sponsons) and introduced a bilge well or sump meaning you can leave the bungs out and the boat moored in safety without flooding the deck lightship although you will need to secure the bungs when loaded even so it will not matter that the boat becomes flooded provided items are stowed properly as OCEAN CRAFT cannot sink even if flooded to the tube gunnels

A. CRUISERs are the latest from the OCEAN CRAFT Range where we have introduced a weather deck for 1C and 1D Survey with the deck sitting on top of the tubes they make great House Boats or Mobile Home Caravan boats that you can take offshore round the island eg Moreton Stradbroke or Fraser Island in QLD and of course any other offshore ocean island

These have a hatch and a hold and or fuel under the deck and are the latest in OCEAN CRAFT product range. With all the advantages of the of stability floatation and survivability of OCEAN CRAFTs proven inflatable style design in an all aluminium plate alloy boat and are the shape of things to come in the large ship range

No wonder they call OCEAN CRAFT the REAL 4WD of the Sea

OCEANCRAFT quadruple whammy guarantee

Q. What other innovations have OCEAN CRAFT introduced in their hulls Apart from airtight watertight in tube compartments in an all aluminium plate alloy boat and airtight watertight in compartments under the deck
A. We have introduced airtight watertight in tube storage with hatches so maintaining the integrity of the tubes along with the host of other innovations listed above

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