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T echnical specifications

for Mike Jessop's 'new generation' Ocean Craft 7200 hull form describe the deepest deep-vee planing monohull available in Oz in a production boat. With no less than a thirty degree deadrise (yes, that's correct 30 degrees) and the outstanding energy efficiency and economy of Ocean Craft's so-called Posi-Lift Hull this is an offshore rig like no other and it's only possible to carry that much vee in the hull because of the Oceancraft 7200's tubed buoyancy structure.

In re-designing the 7200, Ocean Craft's Mike Jessop has successfully created an adventure safety boat that is compact, lightweight and extremely fuel efficient. Its innovative design means that at only 656 kilograms for the base 7200 'Croc Hunter' model (as shown here) it is arguably the lightest 7.2 metre rig in the cylinder or tube class. On the inside, Ocean Craft has designed an all-new planing monohull that is a trimaran at rest, an outrigger when turning in either direction and yet looks like and remains an inflatable boat that actually retains its pneumatic properties.

New for 2013, Jessop has reworked the checker- plate floor as they are welded in situ against the tubes, lifting the floor so that each of these models now features a fully self- draining cockpit sole (floor). This has been combined with Ocean Craft's exceptionally soft running characteristics, and remarkably dry ride, creating a top-level blue water rig for safe bar crossing and all weather performance. Whilst this has been the accepted standard for Ocean Craft owners for some years, this wider, deeper and more buoyant hull will now enable fishermen and boatowners to go further, faster, to catch more fish, carry more divers or with its amazing people carrying capacity, do extremely well as a short haul ferry or water taxi.

Other key features of this new 7200 Oceancraft hull include a unique valve and bung for each airtight watertight buoyancy section; phenomenal buoyancy and stability; lifetime unsinkable guarantee all this in a vessel that is, in summary, fast, lightweight and safe. And importantly, easily put into a wide variety of Survey Classifications to meet any international requirement.

The introduction of the new 7200 Ocean Craft means this design philosophy will now become standard on all Ocean Craft models from 2.6 m to 13.0 metre.

What is really interesting here is that the potential of these craft extends way past the bleedin' obvious role the Oceancraft have in the 'extreme adventure' roles so loved by ex-diver Mike Jessop. He's right, of course these are the definitive dive boats but they could open whole new opportunities for charter fishermen, people movers in the mining industry, inter- island tourism and patrol work, 'Reef viewing . . truly, the possibilities are endless.

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44 The Boat Mag November 2012

Mike Jessop's ally Ocean Craft are unlikely to win awards for elegance, but for countless and very different boating activities - commercial and recreational - there is nothing else in their league for safety, carrying capacity, hull stability and fuel efficiency. And the best part? Mike enjoys custom building for his clients - a winning formula!

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