Modern Boating July/August 2000
It's as though someone has waved a magic wand touched an inflatable boat and turned it all to aluminium

· Reliable, Super Stable and Fast
· Strong, Lightweight and Safe
· Phenomenal reserve buoyancy ( 2 tonnes OCEAN CRAFT 4300 Sea King)
· Unsinkable performance lifetime warranty or your money back*

How!? Because as well as being strong, lightweight and safe your OCEAN CRAFT is watertight, closed cell foam filled ( using removeable foam pieces) and airtight using the OCEAN CRAFT patented sponson valve which means that your OCEAN CRAFT is guaranteed never to sink lifetime warranty or your money back* Isn't that what you call reliability!?

5.2 Metre Chinook And did we say super stable and fast!? Experts are using strong language to describe the OCEAN CRAFT check out what the press says below.

If you're already familiar with the proven capabilities of an inflatable boat you'll already know a lot about the performance, safety and reliability of todays all aluminium OCEAN CRAFT

If you already know about 'rubber duckies' you'll also know about their poor resale value - not so the OCEAN CRAFT - in the unlikely event that you'll want to upgrade your OCEAN CRAFT or change its specification at a later date it's comforting to know it will maintain its resale value and even appreciate in value.

So don't delay, simply contact your dealer to arrange a test drive, or to place your order why not complete the priority order form available from your dealer

Or why not order online ; To qualify for the generous discount available through your dealer simply quote your dealer reference number or identify his details - you won't be disappointed

For Dealer / Government / and Corporate enquiries or for a list of dealers near you please contact the number below

OCEAN CRAFT - The boat for the third millenium – today.

This is the adventure safety boat you've been waiting for - so what are you waiting for

Whichever model and options you choose you'll be glad you chose OCEAN CRAFT

Ocean Craft PO Box 3791 DC Caloundra QLD 4551 Tel: 0416 293 686 Tel (07) 5499 6937 Contact Sales

*conditions apply

What the press says

"An italic M shaped hull astern - with only the propeller ( or impeller intake) in the water gave the Ocean Craft a cushion of air to plane on. This minimising of drag resulted in incredible fuel economy." Captain Bligh - Fish and Boat, August 2002

"...these craft come with a two year warranty and optional certifiable in survey requirement... Bush 'n Beach, November 2001

“ ...the Ocean Craft hulls are markedly different to most boats you see on the water... both craft were quite stable, dry and remarkably nimble... This is one very dry hull and user friendly boat... " Wayne Kampe FISHING WORLD - April 2001

" ...has a host of other applications, including ocean-going dive boat, fishing platform, search vessel, and flood rescue craft... " Mark Rothfield, MODERN BOATING July/August 2000

4.2 Metre Sea King

For more info call the OCEAN CRAFT Sales office today on Tel: 0416 293 686

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