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F&B Article Sep 2011 f&b article sep 2011


Mike Jessop's Ocean Craft in Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast, is well known to the F&B team; we have tested many OC's over the years. Slowing him down sometimes can be a problem, but hell, there's nothing wrong with a bloke being mad keen about his craft, and you'll not find a keener 'cylinder' enthusiast on the planet than Mike Jessop!

He's also a very shrewd and experienced Cylinder manufacturer with a hell of a good team up there in Caloundra, more than able to build the Cylinders to an extremely high level of quality control which is not easy using thin sheet aluminium when you make Cylinders the construction process is fraught with difficulties as the welding has to be absolutely spot on and the pun is intended.

Mike will make just about anything in Cylinders for anybody and if you'd like it delivered to the Antarctic, he's your man! He likes a challenge, loves his craft and he's very good at it so if you are looking for something that is quite out of the normal, but you know exactly what you want, using Mike Jessop is the way to get it.

His Ocean Craft are outstanding, and we particularly like the deep vee principle he uses wherein the boats when planing, lift the cylinders virtually out of the water altogether but as the boat settles, the cylinders pick up the displacement and provide the unbelievable stability these craft have. And that's the Ocean Craft story incredible stability, an extraordinarily soft ride, rough water handling that allows them to go anywhere, anytime and the only downside as we've noted elsewhere, is the normal loss of space that true Cylinder craft must suffer.

But thinking outside the square can overcome even those issues with an outcome that is literally exceptional.

For further in formation give Mike a call (MOB) 0416 293 686
Email: sales[ AT ]oceancraft.com.au

F&B Fisherman & Boatowner article September 2011

Page 26

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F&B Fisherman & Boatowner article September 2011


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