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Top 10 Reasons to Try OCEAN CRAFT's ECO Series Adventure Safety Boat

  • Super stable and Smooth Riding ULTRA DEEP VEE
  • Pneumatic whisper quiet ride
  • Phenomenal tubular buoyancy + displacement
  • Performance Fuel economy
  • Posi Lift Hull means Hovercraft like Ride means Top Speed guaranteed


    OCEAN CRAFT have Multiple Airtight watertight buoyancy sections that actually retain their pneumatic properties in an All Aluminium Plate Alloy Hull which is a Trimaran at rest, an Outrigger when turning and have the Deepest Vee monohull on the plane which means top speed and fuel economy guaranteed coupled with the Triple Engine Maxi Pod, Fast Posi Lift Hull, Strong, lightweight and Safe delayed lift bow so you can tackle wind and waves head on this gives rise to OCEAN CRAFT's

     Top Ten Unique features found in no other all aluminium plate alloy boat

    1. Guaranteed never to sink lifetime warranty OCEAN CRAFT don't just guarantee against leaks We guarantee that your OCEAN CRAFT will remain airtight and watertight when you routinely perform the ambient temperature and pressure checks using the disclosing bung on each buoyancy section of your OCEAN CRAFT ( or using the Schroeder valve with a compressor to 1 psi as at time of manufacture) this is how your OCEAN CRAFT is Guaranteed never to sink lifetime warranty or your money back*
    2. OCEAN CRAFT has the Deepest vee hull on a planing monohull in the world At 30 degree deadrise OCEAN CRAFT have yet to be corrected that in addition to their inflatable properties OCEAN CRAFT are the smoothest and softest riding hulls in the world  
    3. OCEAN CRAFT are the only All Aluminium Plate Alloy Hull in the world that look like and remain an inflatable boat that actually retain their pneumatic properties With Multiple Airtight watertight buoyancy sections this means that your OCEAN CRAFT retains the shock absorbing whisper quiet ride and Your OCEAN CRAFT is the only inflatable boat in the world that doesn't need to be pressurized under normal use ( unlike rubber duckies)

      This means that your OCEAN CRAFT will not puncture and deflate or you have to row home on one tube

    4. OCEAN CRAFT are The only all aluminium boat in the world with double skinned hull With under deck buoyancy section and double skinned sides ( in the form of tubes) so that even if holed inside or out you still have an ordinary displacement hull to rely on
    5. OCEAN CRAFT are the only hulls in the world that are combined monohulls when planing, Trimarans at rest, outriggers when turning in either direction and yet look like and remain an inflatable boat. No wonder Naval Architects around the world not only agree they are the safest boat in the world but also that OCEAN CRAFT defy classification but don't worry Just put down planing monohull open dinghy / cabin on the registration form when you register your OCEAN CRAFT
    6. OCEAN CRAFT are the only production boat that has Triple outboard Engine capability on every boat Which means that you can mount Extra Long Shaft, Long Shaft and short shaft outboards all on the same transom and so capitalize on existing investment in outboard engine hardware and accessories without having to modify your outboard motor or OCEAN CRAFT so that your OCEAN CRAFT can drive even with the propeller above the bottom of the boat for shallow draught operation
    7. Aerodynamic delayed lift bow means that depending on tube diameter the hull waterline is a good metre or so aft of the actual bow of your boat which means you are over the wave before the hull starts lifting catastrophically so you can tackle wind and waves head on with reduced risk of capsize
    8. Overall beam for beam and width for width OCEAN CRAFT are the lightest hulls in the world Even lighter than other wooden boats steel fibre glass and plastic boats and even other aluminium boats which adds up to less weight to tow along behind your towing vehicle and of course less weight to propel accelerate and lift out of the water
    9. Posi Lift Hull gives your OCEAN CRAFT the ECOlogical credentials lacking in any other hull All of the energy from the wake of your OCEAN CRAFT's planing monohull is recycled to uplift and support your OCEAN CRAFT above water level when underway – reducing friction and drag by 75% compared to other hulls which means high Performance top speed and fuel economy available in no other hull
    10. the largest inherent buoyancy compared to any other size of boat And finally OCEAN CRAFT owing to their airtight watertight tubular design and airtight watertight underdeck buoyancy section means you have no need for additional foam that might weigh down any other boat - in fact you don't have the need for any foam at all which means lighter and more buoyant to tow and drive
    Coupled with OCEAN CRAFT's Guaranteed never to sink lifetime warranty or your money back* now that's got to be the best unique selling point in any boat worldwide

    Available in choice of 2.6 3.3HD 3.4CT 4.3UL 4.3HD 4.6 5.2 6M 7.2 8 9 10 11 12 13 Metre Cabin · Reef · Fisher · Centre Console · Diver· Spearo Car Toppa for Recreation Work Boat Charter or Hire  There's never been a better time to buy OCEAN CRAFT

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    No wonder people say - You'll be glad you chose OCEAN CRAFT
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